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Name: Rime
Gender: Male
Species: Weavile
Height: 3' 8"
Gijinka height: 5' 10
Zodiac sign: Aries
Favorite color: Orange
Hidden Power Type: Fire
Quote: Here We go again...
Personality: Rime is kinda a Drifter, he doesn't like to stay with one thing too long, or dwell on the past. Glacier the Froslass is an exception, She'd fallow him anyway, but He does like her quite a lot. Other then that, He is really an ok guy. but can be a little erational. sometimes believing the most drastic solution to a Problem to be the best one. He also hates it when people call him a girl.
Bio: *Spoiler warning* Rime spent the first few months of his life with his family, but quickly ran off and started living on his own. When He was almost bored of it, He found GTM. That kept him entertained for a good year, but then He met Glacier, back then a Snorunt. Glacier was sick, and Rime had to spend quite a bit of time taking care of her, also keeping Her a secret from GTM. It was about this time when GTM started slacking off and relyed mostly on Rime. Rime couldn't supply food for the three of them, so He betrayed GTM by luring him out and burrying him under an avalanche. *SUPER UBER DUPER SPOILER WARNING* Instantly, Rime Regreted this, and dug GTM out. Relieved that he was still alive, Rime Went to get something to help him get GTM back home, when He came Back, GTM was gone. *SUPER UBER DUPER SPOILER END* Rime then Helped Glacier fully Recover, and they lived reletivly happily until they encountered GTM. After Narrowly escaping, they moved to Kanto and make frequent trips to Johto. *spoiler end*
Other facts:
GTM was orginaly planed to betray Rime. I liked it better the other way around, plus it made more sense to me.
Rime's Profile~! Who's my Wittle weavile~? You are~! *hugs Rime, then gets Night slashed* ... Ow.

for once, these are all my characters.
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December 23, 2011
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