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(Please note that the characters here are in gijinka form. thank you.)

It was dusk, and two figures walked along a path, the tail of one swished from side to side, anxiously.
"Hey, Mattie?" He said.
"What is it?" She Replied.
"How do we know for sure our Client is this way?"
he tilted his head, the spikes on his helmet bushing against the leaves of some of the trees that grew close to the path.
"He... She... Which ever! said so in the note!"
"Well, if you're sure..."
the two continued for a bit in silence, aside from the crunch of dried leaves under foot.
"... Mattie?"
Mattie Sighed. "What Now?"
"Why can't I be called Spike? I mean it's my ACTUAL name! Why do you Insist on everyone calling Me 'argon'?"
"Because! It's more professional!"
Argon grumbled a little, before excepting the fate of his name.
"We should be getting close now." Said Mattie, Holding her head slightly higher.
"well great...." Mumbled Argon.
the two of them stopped as they saw a green glowing ahead, then casting curious glances at one another, they proseeded forward.

"AGH!!! WHAT'S TAKING THEM SO LONG!?!?!" Cried Dusa, who was impatiently walking in circles around Kneph, who was sitting on a stump.
"Masters, they are coming as quickly as they can, I assure you!"
"Doesn't mean it's not Gruelingly slow!!!"
Dusa Flicked a bit of It's hair out of it's face, then turned towards Kneph.
"are you... SURE they're skilled? We mean, You HAVE been wrong way to many times before, Kneph."
"I am possitive, masters."
Dusa Huffed.
"and they're a Rampardos and an Escavalier?"
Kneph simply nodded.
"well, they better be worth it!"
Suddenly, two figures walked into the clearing, although one almost tripped.
"Ah! this looks to be the place! You must be Dusa!" Said Mattie, Grinning
"Masters, I believe your waiting is over." Said Kneph, Standing.
"hmm...." Dusa Examined the newcomers.
The Escavalier, Mattie, Was a little taller then itself, though she seemed even taller due to the large plume on her helmet. She had a lance slung on her back, as well as a sword at her hip.
the Rampardos, appearently Argon, was actually a little taller then Kneph, this was also magnified by his spiked helmet. He carried a mace at his side, and his tail never seemed to stand still, always moving from side to side, like a dog's.
both of them were clad in armor, and had a few scars.
"hm.... you Match your discription...." said Dusa.
Mattie Blinked. "HOLY! Your voice is higher pitched then I expected!"
Dusa Glared. "Meaning WHAT exactly?!?"
Mattie Stepped back. "Erm... Absolutely nothing."
Dusa thought for a second, Before shooting a shadow ball at Her. Dusa's eyebrows raised as it saw Mattie skillfully leap out of the way of the attack, dispite it's suddeness. Argon however was caught off guard and was hit right in his chest plate, and fell over backwards.
"What's the big Idea!?!?" said Mattie, quickly Grabbing her lance. Kneph Glanced at Dusa, one eyebrow raised.
"It was a test." said Dusa. "You passed. your friend? Not so much."
Mattie Blinked. "What are you saying?!"
Dusa Grined. "I'm hiring you, but not him. he can go die in a ho-" Dusa was cut off by a mace nearly hitting it in the face. "WAGH!!" Dusa Stared at the tip of one of the mace's spikes, about half an inch from the tip of it's nose.
"I'm with Mattie! No ifs, ands, or buts!" Said Argon, Glaring at Dusa. Kneph Pushed Argon aside.
"You would be wise not to threaten my masters in such a way."
Dusa nodded slightly at Kneph before looking back at Mattie and Argon. "Fine. You're hired. the both of you." Dusa tossed the agreed apon amount of pay at Mattie, who easily caught it. "you're now our Hired goons, good work." Continued Dusa, Smirking.
"alright Du-" Mattie was cut off by Dusa.
".... I'd Rather go with 'Sire', if anything." said Mattie, casting a glance out of the corner of her eye at Argon, who was now shifting awkwardly.
Dusa thought for a moment, before saying: "Sire it is." and Grinning.
as Dusa explained to them what they would be doing, Argon wondered if this was at all a good idea.
*cackles* got Trouble with too many powerful enemies? Hire more minions!

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...Also.. *Hugs Argon* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE RAMPARDOS~!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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YES!!! We will ALL DIEEEE!!! Because yeah, Bellflower and all that~ Plus these Amazing Recruits~.......

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Argon: uhh.......
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