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(note, these characters are in Gijinka form. thank you.)
"F%*& IT ALL!" Said GTM, Punching a wall, his body mostly wrapped in bandages. "That D*&% Spiritomb!!!!"
"Now Now GTM, You should keep your language just a liiiittttle cleaner."
GTM Spun around, only to find Decitpurr leaning in a doorway behind him.
"Jess wouldn't be very happy to find you had punched a hole in the wall, now would she?" Said Decitpurr, Smirking slightly.
GTM Snarled. "If YOU had to deal with That Blasted Thing, you'd swear too, you Purple A@&."
Decitpurr just laughed. "Look, If I were dealing with a 'blasted spiritomb' and it's 'insane goons', I honestly hate to admit it, but... I guess I'd Get Back-up..... or grab a microphone and a very strong amp~." Decitpurr then winked, and GTM just rolled his eyes.
"you and your stupid singing. already just by speaking you could drive a Alakazam insane. your Singing?" GTM huffed.
Decitpurr glared. "I really dislike you, you know that?"
Decitpurr Flicked his tail. "Still, you stupid heartless B^@%#$#&, You really should go in with backup."
"B*#&#$#^?" Said Bastet, poking her head into the room.
Decitpurr stood there speechless, staring at his little girl, while GTM just laughed.

Dusa Cackled as It's attack struck GTM right in the face, Causing him to stagger backwards. "We are far too strong! You will never win! NEVER!!! WE WILL KILL YOU ALL!"
Terrakion shifted slightly, laying on the ground a short distance away. "Hey, Moron! Heads up!" Terrakion then Grins and fired a stone edge at Dusa, who staggered backwards, swaying slightly. Terrakion then stood. "What was that about killing us all? Pfft!"
Dusa Cried out in rage, then used earthquake, hitting everyone, friend or foe, around it. Kneph Stepped back, caught off-guard, having forgotten just how powerful His masters were. GTM Had to latch his tail onto a tree to stop from falling over, Terrakion flopping back onto the ground, then casting a worried glance at Keldeo, who was passed out nearby.
Dusa Shrieked loudly, blood dripping from it's wounds. "YOU WILL NEVER WIN! NEVER!!!! WE CANNOT LOSE THIS TIME!!!!" Dusa's hair beads started to glow more brightly, it's hair flicking violently, a glowing ball of energy beginning to form in front of it's forehead. "DIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dusa Unleashed the Judgement attack, swaying at the force of it, even though it itself didn't get hit. Dusa then lapsed into unconsiousness.

"Masters! snap out of it!"
Dusa Blinked, It's thoughts having gone back to the events two nights before. Dusa Scowled.
"Masters, I need you to stand. I need to check on your wounds..."
Dusa Groaned. "Kneph, you Checked Yesterday! We Don't need you to keep Checking!"
"... Fine, Masters.... I.. I'm just conserned for your well-being..."
"Well Don't be! We're just Fine!"
Kneph Frowned and looked away.
Dusa lay there for a about a minute before asking: "Kneph, Are those Goons doing any better?"
Kneph Nodded. "Yes masters. Argon and Mattie are quite Resilient. They should be ready to fight again in no-time. We picked good sell-swords."
"They ARE Legendary, Masters." Said Kneph, Cooly. "But what about that Shaymin? the one called Bellflower? You sort of made an ally-ship haven't you? we still need to have a talk with him. see if we can trick him into helping you with your goals."
Dusa Slowly Smirked. "That We will..... and once we're done with Him..." Dusa Clentched it's fist and cackled.

Mattie squinted, examining her handy work. "What do you think Argon? Look just like the old one?" Mattie Held up  the Lance she had been working on for the past three hours, her last one having broken in battle.
Argon Blinked and looked over. "It looks pretty much the same... yeah."
Mattie Grinned. "good!" She stood, Groaning slightly. "soon, we'll be kicking butt like old friends."
"I thought we WERE old friends..." Said Argon, looking a little worried.
". . . . I meant me and my lance Fossil-head." Mattie lightly conked Argon on the head, then brushed a bit of her short brown hair out of her face.
"O-Oh." Said Argon. "... I just... never talk to my weapons."
Mattie Facepalmed. "I WASN'T. I was talking to you, Just not ABOUT you. what about that is so hard to grasp?"
"Um.... you act like your weapons are living things?"
Mattie sighed. "I give up, you'll never understand."
Argon hung his head. "S-Sorry..." He flicked his tail awkwardly, looking quite emberessed.
Mattie hesitated, then sat Next to him. "Look, it's ok. Jeez." She wrapped her arm around his shoulders. Argon Squeaked, caught by surprise.
"You understand FAR Better then that "Dusa". Heh! That Thing needs to go to a nut house."
Argon Squeaked again. "Mattie! You should be careful! It might hear us! Who knows what would happen then?"
"Oh Come on. I bet we could take it down! It's only a Spiritomb!"
"T-That Knows Judgement..."
"Yeah, So?"
"That's S-Super P-Powerful..?"
".... So..?"
". . .  N-Nevermind.. Yeah, I'm sure We'd win..."
"THAT'S THE SPIRIT!" Mattie Patted Argon on the back. "It's not that I'm actually PLANNING on fighting it though. the only reason I can think of that It would kill us is because We made it mad somehow! And it's not around so HA! We can poke fun at it and that Stupid Dusclops!"
Argon Blinked. "They're our imployers!"
"So? everyone makes fun of their boss!"
"If they catch us, they'll kill us!.. I-I think they're going to kill us anyway!"
"... Argon, you officially worry too much. you should get some rest. we're still recovering, remember?"
"... Yeah... Maybe so...." Argon Got up and walked over to his bed. "Night..." Argon Lay down and fell asleep. Mattie Watched him for a while, then Whispered: "He's right.... they're totally going to kill us.... But We can't back out... We're stuck here... Ugh..." Mattie lay down in her own bed, eventually falling into a restless sleep.

Ahem, anyway, this is sort of a fallow-up to an RP :iconcreepyness-incarnate: and I did last night~. (I know, so shocking.)

Also, I just Find almost every single little thing Argon does to be SOOOOO CUUUTTTEEEEE~. I have NO clue why.

Terrakion Keldeo and Bellflower are Senna's.
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