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Name: Dusa
Gender: None
Species: Spiritomb
Height: 3' 10"
Gijinka Height: 5' 0"
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Favorite color: Red
Hidden power type: Fighting
Favorite Berry flavor: Dry
Favorite Berry: Wiki
Favorite Food: Crackers
Quote: "We are Dusa! More then a Thousand strong! you will fall before our might!"
Personality: Dusa is arrogant, and nasty in general to be around. It's surprising that it treats Kneph the Dusclops the way it does. Dusa Spends most of it's time Hunting down pokemon to kill, it curses them right before death, making the spirit of that Pokemon join Dusa, making it more and more powerful. As it has more then a thousand spirits at this time, it is incredibly powerful. although the more it focuses on power, the weaker it's defenses become. Dusa Denys this, dispite proof from Kneph.
Bio: Dusa used to be just a normal Spiritomb, long long ago. But when it found out it could curse others to join it's keystone..... lets just say, that's very bad. This whole thing of cursing and killing people could only go on for so long, but it was a volcanic eruption that stopped Dusa, burring it under feet of volcanic ash and lava. Dusa was able to survive tucked inside it's keystone. 1263 years later, Haint the haunter dug it up, and Dusa awoke. Haint tried to Restrain it, but Dusa slipped away into a cave system. In the Cave system there was the Dusclops Kneph. Dusa was going to do to Kneph what he had done to every other Pokemon that it had in it's grasp, but Kneph convinced Dusa that He might be some use to it. And indeed he was. Kneph had much knowlage and helped Dusa track down many powerful Pokemon, and set up a system so that way Dusa could risk a lot less when getting Legendary Pokemon. but they needed someone who could teleport, and thus Hypnotised Theta the Elgyem. She teleported the pokemon into Dusa's lair, where they were left for days, trapped in some way or form. Dusa then came in and killed them when they were weakened. Dusa's plans were uninterupted for a while, But then the Red team came to stop it, and succeeded. Theta later disappeared, throwing Dusa into a Huge Rage. Dusa then began to track her down, and it has tracked her to Unova, but hasn't been able to get her in one place long long enough for it to kill her, although now it's focus has shifted to the nearby Legendary Pokemon, and It believes it can defeat them. time will tell what happens next.
Other facts:
Before Dusa started "Soul Stealing", It was Female.
Dusa has two Glowing green spots in it's eyes instead of pupils.
I Pronounce Dusa's name as "Do-Za".
Because of so many Spirits joining it, it has learned rather unusual moves, Including Judgement, much to it's own amazement.
Dusa is a little bit claustrophobic. And has a fear of going too fast.
Dusa's hair takes two hours to brush.
Here We go! In my opinion, my most Evil Character, Dusa!
Purplepath2499 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
HoneyShuckle Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*cackles* Yes! Fear Dusa! Fear Him- I mean, It.
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November 23, 2011
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