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"Alright Bastet, It's time to go to bed."
"Don't wanna....."
Decitpurr Sighed.
"Come on you..."
"But I want Story!"
"Aghhh..... Can't you go to bed WITHOUT a bedtime story tonight? I'm not up for this..."
"No." Bastet Folded Her arms. "I Want bedtime story!"
It was at this moment that Deep freeze entered the room.
"We Could tell you a story, Couldn't we?" Asked one of the sisters.
"Of course!"
"Great..." Decitpurr yawned. "You do that. I'm going to bed. Right now." With that He walked upstairs, Leaving Deep Freeze with Bastet.
"Alright~! lets tell you an adventure story!!"

Once upon a time, there were two warring Nations. Psystropia, and "the Kingdom of the sacred boulder". Also known as Kotsb. These Nations were at war since the leaders of these nations got Chocolate in their Peanut butter, and peanut butter on their Chocolate when they ran into each other holding the correct food product. It was a war that Lasted for Centuries, the burden of the battle getting passed down through the generations. At the time that this story took place, the leader of Psystropia was King Green tail. The leader of Kotsb was Emperor Terror Klon. The Citizens weren't happy about the endless War, and One day, Two citizens from Opposite countries Met at the border, each one of them having been about to Cross to the other side. They were Dezee Plurr and Su Nami. Dezee was a poor peasant of Psystropia, and Had a cute little daughter. But he was hoping he could find a way to move to Kotsb, For better fortune. Su was a soldier, and was Proud of his life in Kotsb. He was looking for a way to Best infiltrate the other nation, and hopefully, win the war, On orders from Terror Klon himself. They Stood right in each other's way and broke out fighting. But then they came to a desision. Dezee would go and Kidnap The Queen of Psystropia, and in return, Su would find a way for Dezee to live in Kotsb.

Meanwhile in The Keep of Kotsb's Capital, there was a Vicious Chamberlain Named Durah. Durah Was Plotting to Take the throne of Kotsb for itself. Durah Believed that If the Empress Stormlia was Killed, Terror Klon would give up the will to live. And without an Heir, Durah Could Swoop in and take a hold of the kingdom. The Plan was so close to completion.. But there was just one thing needed. But it would be coming soon, yes...

Dezee Plurr was sneaking into the keep of Psystropia. We was able to steal a Guard's uniform and Get in the walls. At this time of Night, Green tail would be having supper with The Queen, Rhykalium. All he had to do to make this plan work was sneak into The Queen's room, and- He Quickly found himself Being examined by some of the other guards, as He was just standing in the middle of the courtyard. He Quickly Went into the actual main keep. The Walls were decorated with Bright tapestries and Paintings, But Dezee did Not have time to look at them. He hurried on Through the Castle. He eventually found the Queen's room and hid behind the certains. He Readied his Hankerchief, which had a sleeping drug on it. as soon as the queen had entered the room, Dezee Leaped out and put the cloth over Her mouth. She didn't have time to Scream.

It Had been hard to sneak the Queen out of the kingdom, as she had soon bee reported missing, But Dezee did it, and Got her to Su. Su Put the Tied up Queen in a Cart and Drove her back to the Capital. Meanwhile, King Green Tail put up a 4,000,000 Poke Reward for her anyone who helped to find her.

Su Soon got Rhykalium to the Castle, the Queen Struggling against her Bonds. Su Snuck around to the back and met none other then Durah. All along Su had been after Rhykalium for Durah, but as it turned out it was just one simple thing it had wanted. a Vial of incurable Poison That She always kept on her person. As it turned out though, the Queen also had a Knife that She kept up her Sleeve, and used it to Cut the Ropes. Rhykalium Ran into the Castle, Searching for one thing in particular, and Ran into it in the Middle of the Hall. Empress Stormiah.
"Stormiah, At long last, I have come."
"Rhykalium.... How i have longed to see you once more."
The two leaned toward each other and-

"WHAT THE *$&#!?!?!" Shouted GTM, Intrrupting the story, Having been eavesdropping. "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE _KIDDING_ ME!!"
Deep Freeze giggled.
"I think it's a good addition to the story!"
With that, GTM Chased Deep Freeze around the House and nearby area for an hour and a half. When Deep Freeze Finally returned, Bastet was fast asleep.
"Hey! the Story worked!"
GTM Made it Back to the house half an hour later and passed out on the couch.

The End~
I Was Bored. XP
Creepyness-Incarnate Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

HoneyShuckle Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Back then I had a bigger problem with capitalization in a normal manner.
Creepyness-Incarnate Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You did.

But it's still ridiculously funny. XD
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