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*Shadess is a Gijinka in this. thank you.*

Shadess was floating around, minding her own business. The Moon was high in the sky, and almost new. Just a sliver. Instinct made this one of her favorite nights. Darkrai were Known for it. But something felt off tonight. Like something was going to happen. It wasn't too often she had this feeling. "Shut up nerves, it's a normal night..." She said to herself, practically wishing that this feeling would just stop. She kept floating around, when... everything started to look different. She Blinked. None of this forest looked Familiar, Yet she had known this Place for CENTURIES. She started to hurry, the forest less and less familar by the second. She started to Panic. "What the Hell is going on, for Arceus' sake!!!" The Forest grew so thick she could barely see for a moment, then she burst into the open. It was day, just past dawn. "The... Hell?" There was a Man, Wandering around with a worried look on his face. Shadess went up to him. "Uhh.. Hello?" The man Blinked and looked up. "Oh! Are... you an adventurer, perhaps?" "Um.... maybe. depends I guess..." the Man's face lit up. "Yes yes yes!! that's just what I needed to hear! My Name is Jeffery."
".... and... I'm Shadess."
"You see, There are Creatures that roam the night around here... I Need help Making shelter! Please, Help me?"
Shadess Stared for a few seconds. "... why.. don't you just defend yourself?"
" Heh.. Look at these arms. do they look like they could swing a sword?"
"... No, Probably not." She Sighed. "Fine. I'll help you make a shelter."
"Oh thank you, thank you! my Brothers all died to these firce things... Andrew, Tyler... But I'll be safe once this house is built!"
"WHOA WHOA WHOA, Who said HOUSE!?!?"
"Well, isn't that a Shelter?"
"Oh Dear Arceus..... FINE. A HOUSE."
Shadess Looked around. What could she POSSIBLY use to make a house before night? It wasn't like she actually had tools or anything.... She Blinked, a axe on the ground beside her, along with a sword and pick. They looked like they were made with Copper, and weren't the sharpest things in the world. She Picked up the Axe.
"Really? you can't just use THESE!?"
Jeffery blinked. "But.. those are yours. you brought them here!"
"M.. Mine!?! I've never seen these before in my life!!"
But the more she thought about it, the more and more she Actually remembered that she HAD Brought them here. but.. how? She Flailed Her arms for a second before Stomping off to a Tree and Hacked at the Trunk, the Chips flying.

She wasn't even halfway through the first tree. Her back was aching. Wood-chopping Was Not one of her areas of expertice. She.. haddn't thought She'd have to WORRY about it. She had already raised her kids, she could fight off enemies and VERY Worst case, Fly awa- She Blinked. She looked up at the trees. there were quite a few that had very nice Branches. Perfect. *She turned, then Grabed Jeffery's arm* "Hang on tight!" She tried to take off then.... nothing Happened. She Tried again, still nothing. Why could She fly? Jeffery Stared oddly at her. "Uhhh..... is.. something supposted to be hapening?" "GAAAAHHHH!!!" She Stomped Back over to the Tree, then Tried to Dark Pulse it Down, but again, nothing happened. Nothing. She had been DENIED Dark pulse. The Attack that almost no Darkrai could live without. WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO HER!?!? She fell down on her knees, in a daze. Jeffery came over to her, concerned. "are.. you alright?"
"... I'm not at home anymore, am I...?"
"Well... maybe..?... If... your not from here.. which I wouldn't be surprised... Welcome to Terraria!"
"... to... where?"
".. Terraria!"
"..... Nope... not at any Region _I_ Know of..."
Jeffery fell silent for a second before speaking again. "We're So Screwed."
".... in the words of my Rival, YA THINK!?!?"
They Sat there. silent.
"..... Forget this. I'm not doing down without a fight." said Shadess, Standing. "Help me cut down the Trees. and if you don't, I WILL leave you to die. hurry up. we don't have much time. AT ALL."

To Maybe be continued. Derp. XP
Bored. and Tired. Honestly, an answer to my most recent poll.
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Cuttlefish2246 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I knew it was terraria when it said "copper tools" that i all.
HoneyShuckle Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Azunara Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
Pfft "In the words of my rival: YA THINK!?"
Creepyness-Incarnate Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I swear, I just lost it at the "We're so screwed." part. XD
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